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About Us

Flamingo Filters Pvt Ltd are supplier and exporter manufacturer of high quality sintered bronze filter elements several year. Material for filtering liquids compressed air and gas produced by powder metallurgy methods. It is produced from spherical bronze metal powder in a variety and shape and sizes. such as a sintered bronze mufflers /silencer ,cartage elements ,fluidizing pads flame arrestor s.s.wiremesh elements, paper filter elements and gauge snubbers . These products are available at the most reasonable prices and can also customized in terms of various sizes and designs as per specific requirements of the valuable patrons.Flamingo filters elements closely controlled particle size to give a rigid porous bronze structure of uniform pore dimension.

Cartridge Filter
Flame Arrester
Fluidation Pads

Cartridge Filter

It is an important addition to filtration technology. It is recognized the world over for it's superior and dependable filtration characteristics. Sintered bronze filter element is produced from spherical bronze powder of closely controlled particle size to give a rigid porous structure of uniform pore dimensions.
Being metallic, it is resistant to impact. It is self supporting unlike other filtering media. The ductility and strength of this metallic structure increases its suitability for high pressure filtration in both directions of flow. It may be readily cleaned by reversing flow or back - flushing with a solvent. The distribution of pores of the three-dimensional structure formed in the sintering process is tightly controlled to give optimum and most reliable performance.


Flame Arrester

Because of Superior thermal conductivity of sintered bronze, a flame arrester/flash back arrester made from it prevents ignition temperature to be attained on the other side and thus prevents fire hazards. Usually find application in welding and electrical equipment.


Fluidizations pads

Sintered bronze Fluidizing Pads made from sintered bronze are used to fluidize fine powder of different material such as coal ash, cement, plastic etc. Large pads are produced as per clients requirements. These are available in following sizes.
a) 300mm L x 150mm W x 3mm Thk.
b) 300mm L x 150mm W x 5mm Thk.
These can be manufactured in all grades.


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